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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Company Founding, Giant Industry Organizes Guizhou Tourism Team Building

Time : 2023-12-22 Hits : 1

This year marks Qingdao Giant Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.'s tenth anniversary. Over the past ten years, Giant Industry has won the trust and praise of customers all over the world with its excellent products and services.

To celebrate this important moment, our company decided to organize a unique team-building activity. This time, we chose the beautiful Guizhou as our destination.

Guizhou, with its unique natural scenery and rich ethnic culture, attracts countless tourists. Our team will have the opportunity to visit Huangguoshu Waterfall, Libo Xiaoqikong, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village and other famous attractions to experience the natural beauty and national culture of Guizhou.

"Ten years, for us, is not only a time of celebration, but also a time of reflection and outlook." said the company's CEO, Colin Zhang. "We are grateful to all our customers and partners who support us. Their trust and support give us the opportunity to grow and develop. In the future, we will continue to be committed to providing the highest quality products and services to create greater value for our customers.”

In the days to come, our company will continue to uphold the concept of "customer first, quality first", continue to innovate, and provide customers with better products and services. We believe that only through continuous innovation can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

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